Work With Me…

A Wedding… $850

  • A fully unique, tailored, hand-written Anna original ceremony
  • Meetings – as many as we need.  At your place, in a coffee shop, at work, whatever works best for you but we need to chat to make sure we get all of the details.
  • A PA System that you can plug in your iPod or phone if you need to.
  • Paperwork filed, lodged and some instructions about how to change your name.
  • My best handwriting on your wedding certificate.

And maybe, just maybe, a special present from me.

A Naming Ceremony … $400

  • A hand-written ceremony that involves your people the way you want it
  • A certificate to recognise your child’s special day
  • A PA System for me, you, your special people and your iPod or phone if you need it

If you would like a quote for a commitment ceremony or a renewal of vows, get in touch!  I’ll work something out for you.

Travel Costs

Travel is included in the Brisbane Metropolitan Area.  Please allow $75 for travel to the Sunshine Coast and surrounds and $50 to the Gold Coast.  I’m more than happy to make your wedding happen somewhere else just get in touch for a quote!


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